August 4, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Flood Threatens Ebo Town - The Point

In the wake of torrential rainfall around the KMC municipality, residents of parts of Ebo Town are in tears crying out for immediate assistance due to the flood that has wreaked havoc on poor inhabitants recently. Ebo Town road was recently constructed but the lack of a proper drainage system has hampered the free flow of rain and running water. They called on the authorities concerned to help the area with a proper drainage system to avert the pending catastrophe. Fatou Lowe Mbye, one of the affected, blamed the flooding on the construction of the new road and the motorists would find it difficult to ply the route. Muhammed Jallow and Lamin Jammeh of Ebo Town, both drivers, expressed their difficulties regarding the flooding road. Anna Jobe and Ida Faal blamed the flooding on the huge dumpsite in their area which causes a major blockage for the running water. read me

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