August 5, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - INDIA 360 | RAINS IN CITIES - CNN-IBN

Heavy downpour lashed Mumbai since wee hours on Friday, resulting in severe disruptions in rail, road and air traffic, causing inconvenience to regular commuters and office goers proceeding to their work places. Trains were also held in the Ghaziabad-New Delhi route due to flooding on tracks. However, things may have had come to normalcy after the rains stopped but one thing is evident- the rains have returned and they are here to play havoc with the cities. Even 100 ml of rain is enough to put both Delhi and Mumbai out of gear because 40 ml is all that the colonial drainage system can take. The government was now planning to spent 12, 000 crore rupees for a complete overhaul of the drainage system. read me

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