October 11, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Ministry concludes plans on flood warning system - The Tide

Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development Halima Alao said Monday in Abuja that arrangements have been concluded to establish Flood Early Warning Systems in flood-prone cities across the country. Incidents of erosion and flood were recorded in many parts of the country with attendant destruction of property. Answering questions from newsmen, Alao said the ministry had also finalised arrangements for the establishment of an automated and community-based flood systems in all major rivers and watersheds in the country. She said that the occurrence and magnitude of erosion and flood hazards were a function of climate change and intensity of human activities. She said that the ministry, in collaboration with the UNDP had developed guidelines on best practices and local strategies for Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) on erosion and flood control. She said that the ministry was also partnering with the 36 states to ensure the implementation of the National Erosion and Flood Control Policy launched in July, 2006. read me

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