October 13, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Rabbs Bayou project questioned - Rosenberg Herald Coaster

Fearing a host of negative repercussions, they asked city and county officials to reconsider how they will approach the widening of Rabbs Bayou along their homes. Residents of two small neighborhoods, Belmont Estates and Par Lane, expressed a range of concerns about the upcoming project, to be funded by the Fort Bend County Drainage District and conducted in cooperation with the city of Richmond. Residents at the meeting also said they worry the changes could result in a “bottleneck" at the end of the project's limits, causing water buildup within their portion of the bayou. Also of note, individuals questioned Richmond and drainage district officials about the future of the portion of Golfview Drive that crosses Rabbs Bayou, contending the bayou widening will result in an expensive expansion of the bridge. He said that while the portion of the bayou between the two neighborhoods will not handle a 100-year flooding event, water in a major flood will flow downstream to the Fort Bend Country Club and likely overflow there. read me

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