October 31, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Residents hopeful flood problems will be solved - Tuscaloosa News (subscription)

The problems in Clear Creek Colony lie with, geography, poor design and residential mistreatment of the drainage system, Cassady said. A main issue with the drainage system is the size of the junction boxes, which are placed at various points throughout the system to slow water and allow solids, such as siltation, to fall out. First on Cassady's to-do list, though, is cleaning the pipes and drainage ditches and keeping them clean so the drainage system can work properly. The neighborhood also needs a new storm water inlet, a new drainage ditch along the north side of Clear Creek Colony and a variety of repairs to the existing pipe system. She said the plan appeared to make sense, but the bigger issue lay with monitoring development within the drainage basin, most of which falls outside the jurisdiction of the city of Northport. read me

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