June 16, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Richmond is food insecure - Richmond Review

In 2006 the Food Security Task Force of the Poverty Response Committee in partnership with other community groups was invited to produce the Richmond Food System Assessment Report, by a Vancouver Coastal Health Smart Fund initiative. As the application to remove the Garden City lands from the Agricultural Land Reserve had been rejected in 2006, it appeared that an agricultural vision for the land was needed. Because traditional rural farming methods are problematic in an urban setting our vision calls for a different approach where instead of large acreage, heavy machinery, and high chemical applications, we propose a system of smaller lots for intensive small-scale organic farming whose variety of crops would be marketed on site to the local community. The life expectancy of children is dropping below their parents due to poor food choices, rates of obesity and diabetes are rising due to poor diets, and there are increasing concerns over the safety and nutrition of imported foods. Providing food security is a need for our entire community and urban agriculture is a natural for Richmond, a community whose motto not many years ago was, âGarden City. read me

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