November 1, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Scarsdale debates solution to water drainage problems - The Journal News /

SCARSDALE - An engineering consultant has been hired to design a new water drainage system for the village, plagued for years by storm-water damage. Mayor Noreen Fisher said the drainage system, built around the 1920s, was meant to serve the village for only five to 10 years. More than 80 residents attended a meeting by Scarsdale's Town and Village Civic Club Education Forum held last week to hear the village's plans and share concerns about the storm-water damage and responsibilities to maintain the system. Some steps he will use to evaluate the village include a model to study 12 problem areas, determining restrictions such as flow and slopes, monitoring the rate and size of the flow, and creating alternatives, Conetta said. Fisher responded that the village has began to ease the problem by replacing pipes, removing debris from water paths and creating new waterways such as a catch basin and pond in needed areas. Fisher advised residents to minimize flooding on their property by cleaning water courses and pipes, connecting drainage systems and not releasing water onto sidewalks, which can be hazardous during freezing temperatures in the winter. read me

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