July 31, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Sewage Spill Looms as Mexico City Mayor, President Cast Blame - Bloomberg

July 26 (Bloomberg) — Summer rains threaten to overload Mexico City's drainage system and flood Latin America's largest urban area with sewage, as the president and mayor blame each other for the predicament. A failure in a single section of the main drainage canal could flood 210 square kilometers (80 square miles) and require the evacuation of 4 million people, according to an Inter- American Development Bank report. The resulting 80 percent decline in capacity forced officials to divert rain and sewage to the Deep Drain, which was built to carry only water. Mexico City's director of communications, Fernando Valdez, didn't return calls seeking comment from Ebrard about the dispute over financing the drainage system. As long as development keeps covering steep hillsides with concrete, and the city continues to sink, pressure on the drainage network will mount. read me

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