September 17, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Urban flood kills lola -

Mayor Tomas OsmeƱa said he wanted to build at least 20 mini-dams scattered around the city as a long-term solution to flooding because that's what the city government could afford at present. A 2003 drainage master plan calling for major improvements in the sewage system of Cebu City over a 15-year period remains unimplemented due to the high cost of infrastructure, an estimated P600 million. In 2003, following a destructive flood that hit Cebu City and forced 4,000 families to evacuate, the city government commissioned a drainage master plan. Councilor Carillo said at least P15 million worth of properties were destroyed in Wednesday's flooding that affected at least 11 barangays and destroyed 12 shanties built along the riverbanks of barangays Guadalupe, Sambag I, sitio Locana in Kalunasan and Sapangdaku. read me

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