July 13, 2007

Watch out for saturated soil to keep plants healthy - El Dorado Times- Topic: DrainageNews

However, shallow, stagnant water under hot, sunny conditions can literally cook plants, reducing survival time to as little as a few hours. Some trees have mechanisms in place to provide oxygen to the roots of plants with water-saturated soils and others do not. If the roots of sensitive trees are flooded for long periods of time, damage will occur including leaf drop, iron chlorosis, leaf curl, branch dieback, and in some cases, tree death. Red maple, silver maple, pecan, hackberry, persimmon, white ash, green ash, sweetgum, sycamore, eastern cottonwood, pin oak and baldcypress. River birch, downy hawthorn, honeylocust, swamp white oak, southern red oak, bur oak, willow oak and American elm. Redbud, flowering dogwood, black walnut, red mulberry, most pines, white oak, blackjack oak, red oak and black oak. read me

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