September 27, 2007

Web Exclusive: Attempting to correct drainage issues in Buckingham - Kankakee Daily Journal- DrainageNews

Wednesday, Buckingham Mayor Ray Cummins invited residents, local and state representatives, the village board, an engineering firm and a representative from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to discuss solutions to the serious drainage issues in the village. Ideas discussed included installation of a storm sewer system, pursuit of grants and loans for a sewage system and repair and maintenance of existing field tiles and a manhole. The village has an effluent water system, which means that water from residents' septic tanks flow into the field tile to drain the system overflow. He added, "The state doesn't regulate the village — the county does — but, once you apply for a grant, the state will become involved and will force you to sign a consent agreement between you and the state to install a sewer system within a specific time frame. In a Chicago community that he's dealing with currently, he said individual residents face a cost of about $5,000 per household and approximately a $1,600 rise in property taxes to have a sewer system installed. read me

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