March 30, 2006

12 Resons Why You Must Attend Our MSMA Workshop?

Discover quickly and easily in 48 hours how to solve complicated drainage design problems by downloading powerful free spreadsheets and software directly from the internet into your own PC in our BEM CPD endorsed, practical hands-on training workshop!

12 Resons Why You Must Attend Our MSMAM Workshop?

Reason No. 1- Learn from A Recognised Expert
The Workshop is organised by Dr. Quek & Associates which is an Accredited Training Provider for the Board of Engineers (BEM) CPD programme. The Workshop session is personally conducted by Ir. Dr. Quek Keng Hong who is an expert with more than 20 years experience in the field. He has conducted numerous talks and seminars on MSMAM at IEM and in collaboration with IEM Training Centre. Discover the tips and secrets from a recognised expert.

Reason No. 2- Master the Requirements of MSMAM Quickly and Effortlessly
Important concepts and complicated ideas in MSMAM are explained clearly using specially prepared figures and diagrams. This will save you many hours seaching through the MSMAM Manual which has thousands of pages.

Reason No. 3- Emphasis on Solving Practical Engineering Problem
The course content is designed such that participants can apply techniques taught in the workshop to solve real engineering problem. Participants can start applying the methods taught when they go back to their office to work. There is no homework involved.

Reason No. 4- Every Participant has a PC for Hands-On Training
The course content is carefully structured to provide practical hands-on training for all participants. Every participant has access to a PC with broadband connection using the state-of-the-art PC Lab of Technology Park Malaysia. Participant will learn by working through practical worked examples, not by listening to boring lectures! Participants will be taught enough theory before they quickly get started with the worked examples. Participants learn by doing, not by listening!

Reason No. 5- Special Training Guide
The Training Guide is specially prepared with step-by-step worked examples using our simplifying approach of training. The Training covers various important topics in MSMAM in a systematic manner and in sufficient depth.

Reason No. 6- Understand the Principle, then Learn to Program Your Own Spreadsheet
Learn to solve real life design problems using the free spreadsheet provided with all the formulas pre-programmed inside! You can also go through the step-by-step worked example and learn how these formulas are programmed into the spreadsheets.

Reason No. 7- Reuse the Spreadsheet for Your Work. No Need to Buy Expensive Software.
The best part is: you can use these spreadsheets for your work. No need to reprogram again. And no need to waste money buying expensive third-party software with limited capabilities.

Reason No. 8- Download Free Software from the MEMBERS ONLY Area
Another benefit is you gain lifetime access to MEMBERS ONLY area to download all the powerful spreadsheets and software which you can use in your work.

Reason No. 9- Free Lifetime Technical Support
You get free lifetime technical support on subject matters covered in the Workshop via phone, email or through our blog and website at

Reason No. 10- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We give you 100% satisfaction quarantee. If necessary, we will provide you free additional coaching after the workshop until you master the subjects covered in the workshop. See our Guarantee Page for details.

Reason No. 11- BEM Endorsed Workshop where You Gain up to 48 CPD Hours
This is an BEM endorsed course. The BEM CPD (Continuing Professional Development) policy requires all registered engineers to undertake a minimum of 50 hours of CPD per year. Attendance at this seminar attracts valuable CPD hours towards your total. You will gain up to a maximum of 48 CPD hr by atttending the workshop ie, one CPD hour for every hour of attendance.

Reason No. 12- Testimonials
Since 2003, Dr. Quek & Associates has conducted four workshop series on MSMAM. We have trained hundreds of engineers to learn MSMAM using our unique, hands-on training method where every participant has access to a PC. So far we have received a lot of favourable feedback from past participants of our workshop. See the Testimonial Page for their comments.

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