August 17, 2007

When rain falls, Queens stalls: Boro's public works buckle in … - Flushing Times Ledger(DrainageNews)

Severe thunderstorms paralyzed Queens at the height of the morning commute for the second time in a month last week, prompting finger-pointing between city and state officials amid increasing skepticism over whether the city's aging infrastructure can handle a major disaster. City Councilman David Weprin (D-Hollis) and Comptroller William Thompson went a step further Sunday, calling on the city to form a commission that would study and report on the present conditions of New York City’s various infrastructure systems and their ability to support the current and future population of the metropolis. Allison de Cerreño, director of the NYU-Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management — a research institution MTA Chairman Elliot Sander helped found in 1996 — said the city should look toward taking a more multi-faceted approach both to how it communicates with its residents and to how it works to solve its infrastructure issues. De Cerreño said for the MTA to remain solely reliant on one form of communication — such as the Internet — to communicate with its customers is dangerous in the same way that taking a unilateral approach to addressing infrastructure issues would be misguided. It also strikes the need for this to be more than one group at a time working on this,” De Cerreño said, referring to the need for the MTA to meet with other city, state and private entities involved with the city infrastructure. read me

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